Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The reason for my silence...

I have disappeared from the scene for the past 2 months. No I did not go into hiding…
The fact is, I’m pregnant! Yes, am 15 weeks now. I couldn’t believe it when I did the test in early March. I immediately went to a doctor but they didn’t confirm it. I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks (by another doctor, a female gynae) where she confirmed the pregnancy sac. Then another at 8 weeks where she confirmed the heartbeat – it was amazing. I was still gripped wt fear though. Dr Prashant recommended me to go to Dr Yap at FMGC (Fetal Medicine & Gynecology Centre in Jaya One, PJ) for the First Trimester Screening at 12 weeks. So we went and it cost us a bomb! Paid RM650 in total for blood test, ultrasound and consultation. Dr Yap did an ultrasound to measure the nuchal translucency – a measurement of the fluid at the baby’s neck to see if the baby has a risk of having Down’s Syndrome. Luckily it was ok. But she advised me to do a blood test also. The analysis came back as my risk is 1:1200, therefore no invasive procedure is recommended….

Only after I finished all these tests and confirmation (by 13 weeks) was I ready to inform others that I was pregnant. I told my family members (though my parents and sister already knew earlier) and informed my colleagues and friends. They were surprised cos I didn’t say anything earlier, but I had fear in me.

I have been ok. I think morning sickness should be re-labeled as “evening sickness”. I start the day fine and as the day progresses, I get nausea, vomiting and backache! And I’m terribly tired everyday esp by night. My doctor says I should be feeling better and more energetic soon, and I certainly do hope so.

I’m sorry for my silence. Since I started telling out 2 weeks ago, I was thinking that I should update this blog, but I had no mood or energy.

To all those out there who are trying – you can do it! Put your mind to it, time it well, and make sure you are relaxed. You will hit jackpot soon.


  1. omg... congratulations!!! do you mind to share your experince with me? my first round of clomid failed and now on 2nd clomid cycle and in my 2ww... i just dont feel preg :(

  2. U know wat, I never felt pregnant too. When i took the test, i feared that i will see the "one line" once again...
    I think what made a difference was we both made the effort to let it be a bit of fun this time... It wasnt just a duty to do since it was the right time, instead I pun on my lingerie, had music, lit candles - just create some romantic moments... Previously we were pretty stressed cos we just HAD to do it... This time we thot we'd just have some fun... Maybe it made us more relaxed, i dont know... But i made sure i lied down for more than half an hour after that wt a pillow under my butt - they say dont let gravity work against the swimmers....
    I really hope it works for u this time....

  3. hi.. we did the same thing for 2nd round of clomid but i really lost hope :( do you have msn? i would like to know more about dr prashant... am thinking of switching my gynae to a fertility doc now... age is catching up. better not to wait.

  4. Hey sorry for the late reply... I cant access MSN when at office, but u can email me, to mummywannabe@gmail.com

  5. Hi, I come across your blog. I am also seeing dr Prashant all the while. But I still not yet pregnant. Feel a bit disappointed. Finally, Dr told me that I must go for IVF with egg donation as my ovaries reserves are declined. I feel very very sad. I would like to know, how do you feel Dr Prashant?